Kids today…………….

There is a lot of criticism of young children today ranging from being too fat to spending inordinate amounts of time in front of TVs, playing computer games or sat hunched over an iPad or iPhone.

Mabel conjuring up mischief

Mabel conjuring up mischief

It is said that children have adopted sedentary lifestyles, abandoned playing sport (particularly young and teenage girls) and this has led to a significant rise in over weight children and accompanying health problems.

Cyrus in contemplative mood

Cyrus in contemplative mood

Add to this mix the paranoia amongst some parents about letting their children play outside as there is a pedophile at the end of every street waiting to prey on them or the fact they may be exposed to all sorts of “killer diseases” if they get a little dirty (no, I don’t understand either!).

I saw a programmed on TV a little while ago where a young mother said she would not allow her daughter to go outside alone unless she had an “electronic tag” so that she would know where she was all the time………..this is madness!

Mabel giving me "grief"

Mabel giving me “grief”

There is a theory around at the moment that because young children live in such “antiseptic” surroundings they are more susceptible to illness than kids of previous generations who “played outside, got dirty and built up immune systems to fight many of the bacteria that are prevalent.”

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day and I was sat at my computer writing some training materials I could hear the shouts, screams and laughter of young children playing on the narrow cobbled street that my house backs on to. I was curious what they were up to so peeked out of the window and saw them having a water fight on the street then riding their scooters at speed along the street and various other nefarious activities.

The "Terribe" Trio

The “Terribe” Trio

The kids in question were the terrible trio of Jimmy, Cyrus and the now infamous Mabel.

Cyrus laying down the law to me

Cyrus laying down the law to me

It was such a joy to see kids enjoying themselves in such an uninhibited way………….of course from time to time it ended in tears……….but then all would be forgotten and the fun would start again.

Mabel doing her "Tina Turner" impression

Mabel doing her “Tina Turner” impression

It seems to me that many young children have lost this “innocence of play” today which is a very sad thing, as you don’t need masses of electronic or sophisticated gadgets to enjoy yourself, as these kids proved.




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