The Epitome of Fine Dining in West Yorkshire

The folk who live in Yorkshire are well known for being blunt and calling “a spade a spade” as well as letting you know that Yorkshire is “Gods own country”………..and here I part company with them being from the other side of the Pennines and the Red Rose county of Lancashire (just remember who won the War of the Roses!).

Yorkshire could never lay claim to being the culinary centre of the UK (except for Bradford and all the curry houses) and are famous for such staples as Yorkshire Pudding, Wensleydale Cheese (thanks to Wallace and Gromit), Rhubarb (from the famous Wakefield “triangle”) and of course the rightly famous Parkin Cake.

Follow the sign for an epicurean culinary experience

Follow the sign for an epicurean culinary experience

Yorkshire food is about simplicity although there have been strides to develop “fine dining” in various parts of the county but Yorkshire folk are tight with their money and would give short shrift to a waiter serving up small portions of food at exorbitant prices.

The other day I was driving near the University in Huddersfield and saw what I consider to be the ultimate advertisement for “simple food”…………..I leave you to judge. By the way if you do not know what a “butty” is, it is what we call a bread sandwich here in the North of England.





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