Hamas admits it DID use schools and hospitals in Gaza Strip as ‘human shields’ to launch rocket attacks on Israel

Hamas appeared to admit using human shields to fire rockets into Israel for the first time today, but refused to accept responsibility for the slaughter of hundreds of innocent Palestinians killed in retaliatory airstrikes. In a veiled confession that comes two weeks after the end of the Gaza war, a senior Hamas official said the group’s fighters had no choice but to use residential areas from which to launch missiles into their neighbour’s territory.


Evidence: This photo, provided by the Israel Defense Forces, shows the Gaza City neighborhood of Sheikh Radwan where it says Hamas used four rocket launch sites sitting next to a cluster of schools and nearby residences


 Heated discussions: This is the same map without the IDF’s markings. Increasingly, the discussion is not about whether the Hamas rockets were fired from civilian areas, but exactly how close they were to the actual buildings

But while Ghazi Hamad claimed they took safeguards to keep people away from the violence, he admitted ‘mistakes were made’, blaming Israel’s heavy-handed response for the deaths of civilians.

Original article:Mailonline http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2753176/Hamas-DID-use-schools-hospitals-Gaza-Strip-human-shields-launch-rocket-attacks-Israel-admits-says-mistake.html

So we see again the total disregard that Hamas has for its own people. They know that by placing rocket launchers in civilian areas they will provoke the Israelis to respond and then they claim the “moral high ground” because Palestinian civilians are killed.  They blame the Israelis so called heavy-handed response without taking ANY responsibility for the fact that what happened was an inevitable consequence of Hamas’s actions.

Lets hope the BBC reporters (pro Hamas to a man and woman) are reading this as their completely biased accounts of the conflict have been a disgrace.

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