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Nightmares of the 16 Types………if you are gullible enough to belive in the MBTI claptrap!

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“Last of Summer Wine” country…………Digley Reservoir

Digley reservoir lies just north of Holme (West Yorkshire) and nestles into the north-east flank of Black Hill, which looms above it. It’s a local beauty spot with good views down towards Holmefirth and is a nice place for a … Continue reading

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Research from Canada finds high-performing students do even better if they are enrolled in ongoing music classes.

Does studying music boost students’ overall test scores? Recent research casts doubt on that belief, concluding that the link between music education and good grades appears to reflect the impressive nature of the students who study music, rather than an … Continue reading

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Nuisance phone calls, a fatal accident, bull elephants and how to have some fun…………….

I was sat at my desk at home yesterday afternoon when my mobile phone rang. A voice with a strong Indian accent asked me if I was Mr …………… which I replied yes. He then said he was ringing on … Continue reading

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Motivation…………..I think not!

                  Doesn’t the above “motivational poster” want to make you wretch…………..or is it just me that has an antagonism towards crass and self serving statements?

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Autumnal Colours at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (and Jó reggelt! to any Hungarian readers)

Today I took my annual “autumnal stroll” around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at West Bretton. I wanted to try to catch the wonderful colours of the trees and plants in the park before they all disappeared. Unfortunately, earlier in the … Continue reading

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No, no I dont want to see the vet, there is nothing wrong with me……….

                            I have seen some funny photographs featuring animals over the years but the above is the best I have ever see. Apparently it is a man … Continue reading

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University Students preparing for the world of work (School of Management, Bradford University)

Yesterday I spent a full day at Bradford University School of Management where, along with many other employers representatives and consultants I conducted a series of “mock interviews” of students in the second year of their undergraduate degree course.  The … Continue reading

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But mum, you promised not to plug me into the “electricity mains” again if I was a good boy………………

Photograph © Kindadukish2014

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Ah, the wonderful world of psychology…………………

Politicians use gestures to strengthen the delivery of speeches, while many people shrug or move their hands wildly to make a point. Now, scientists have shown that gesticulating while talking is part of language and affects how the meaning of … Continue reading

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