High wire snail……………….

As I stood looking out of the kitchen window this morning I was rather taken aback by a snail which had crawled up the metal washing line pole in the garden and was slowly making its way along the washing line.


This is no mean feat of mountain climbing as the washing line is about 6 feet off the ground (about 2 meters for those who trade in new money) and the washing line itself is very narrow.


It had obviously ascended the metal pole at one end of the garden and travelled about 18 feet along the line precariously balanced. I could only stand and watch in admiration as it very slowly inched its way forward.

We must produce a more daring breed of snail here in West Yorkshire………………..

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One Response to High wire snail……………….

  1. info4u2bu says:

    It’s probably trying to escape into Lancashire!


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