Arlanda Airport, Stockholm…………..almost matches the prices at Copenhagen Airport

A couple of days ago I posted a little “rant” about being charged £15.00 for two glasses of beer at Copenhagen Airport and my business colleague and I have been suffering from “post traumatic stress disorder” since our return to the UK.

You will be glad to know that after considerable psychotherapy we are now fully recovered and in “rude health.”

It was only when I was going through some photos from our trip that I came across one that I had taken at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm during our stop over whilst we waited for our connecting flight to Vilnius.

Just enough for a guinea pig!

Just enough for a guinea pig!

We decided to find a bar and get a drink and a snack to eat. I spotted these little open sandwiches which consisted of a small square of rye bread topped with sliced egg and some very nice looking anchovies laid across the egg (see photo above).

So we both ordered the open sandwich and a small glass of beer, the cost was 18 Euros each (roughly about £15.00). Now I have to admit that the tiny open sandwich was delicious but there was hardly enough to meet the dietary needs of a small guinea pig let along a fully grown man.

It just shows that we in the UK complain about prices, but compared to the Scandinavian countries we get off lightly. The moral is that if you are flying via Copenhagen or Stockholm then I suggest you take out a small (?) personal loan to subsidise your trip.

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