Catherdral Square, Vilnius – Armed Forces Rehearsal

As my colleague and I headed for a visit to the Clock Tower next to the cathedral in Vilnius we were confronted by numerous members of the Lithuanian armed forces who seemed to be rehearsing for an event in front of the statue of Gediminas in cathedral Square.


The event which was to take place the following evening was apparently to commemorate a famous battle which took place 500 years ago, I think it is fair to say that the Lithuanians are very “nationalistic” when celebrating events from their history

We stood and watched for a while as troops were marched into the square at one side and an army band at the other side. These in turn were followed by a group of drummers and finally troops on horseback.


All of this was seemingly being rehearsed  and choreographed by a very official lady with a clip board in her hand……….and she looked like one of those women you don’t say no to!

Despite this it all seemed a little laid back and informal but a gathering of the public soon took place to watch what was going on.


At the side of the square we noticed a group of young people with highly coloured flags and so made some enquiries. We were told that they were a group from Siena in Italy who had been invited to attend and demonstrate the “flag throwing” which takes place before the famous horse race in Siena.



I took a lot of photographs of the event but the one that appeals to me is that of the bandsman on his mobile phone in between one of the numbers they were playing.

IMGP0372 2

I could just imagine the conversation taking place…….”yes dear, but this is not a good time to ring me, but of course I will pick up the kibbinis on my way home”


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