Sir Alan gets a taste of his own medicine……………

Sir Alan Sugar stormed out of his own boardroom and accused a BBC Radio 4 reporter of ‘gutter journalism’ after he was questioned about being a bully. The frosty exchange between Lord Sugar and Today Programme business reporter Justin Rowlatt left listeners stunned during an interview to mark the 10th anniversary of The Apprentice.


The BBC had been invited to question Lord Sugar at his Essex HQ but minutes into the interview the tycoon accused Rowlatt of being a ‘gutter journalist’ and ‘picking up c**p’.


Mr Rowlatt, 48, asked Sir Alan: ‘Do you think there’s an issue for you personally because you’ve got reputation of being, you know frank speaking, to the point of, and accusations have been made a number of times, to the point of being bullying?’

Sir Alan, 67, replied: ‘Do you know I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of employees here who work for me because they enjoy working for me. ‘We don’t bully people here it’s as simple as that. I’m not getting involved in discussing that with you.’

In an attempt to rescue the interview, which was printed in the Radio Times, Mr Rowlatt said: ‘That’s fair enough but the point I’m trying to get across is do you think it’s difficult, because you speak your mind and that’s the most impressive thing.’

Interrupting the reporter, Sir Alan said: ‘It’s not bullying if you speak you’re mind is it.‘ Mr Rowlatt then attempted to laugh it off, saying: ‘Well not necessarily but some people may interpret it that way.’

But Lord Sugar replied: ‘Well that’s their problem. I don’t flower my words and if I think someone is useless I’ll tell them but if I think someone has done a good job I’ll also tell them.’

My goodness, the indefatigable SirAlan getting a taste of his own medicine and guess what………….he doesnt like it. He simply behaves like a bully and a thug and I am staggered at the way contestants on The Apprentice put up with his behaviour and that no one has  smacked him around around the head……………


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