Advice for “Pushy Parents”

There have been a number of articles in the press recently about the problem of “pushy parents” at sporting events their kids were participating in. I have reads about parents verbally, and on rare occasions, abusing both the referee and linesmen at football matches in which their 7 year old was involved.

I remember when my daughter was young (about 8 years of age) taking her to cross country races throughout Yorkshire and being staggered at the behaviour of some parents. Young girls with such high stress levels before they had even raced because of the expectation of parents and worse still seeing them at the end of a race in tears as the angry parents remonstrated with them because they had not performed as well as expected. And this with children of such a young age.

Fortunately, most of the parents I encountered at ‘races” were very supportive to their children, delighted when they won and equally pleased and encouraging if they didn’t.


Sport is supposed to be about enjoyment, winning is always the aim but is often the bonus. So when I was reading an article recently about “pushy parents” it featured a rugby club who had placed a notice board at the side of the pitch as a guideline for parents……….and I think it sums up beautifully what parents should always consider, I leave you to make your own judgement.



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