Autumn has arrived…………

After what has been a very good summer here in the UK (well, by UK standards that is) autumn has arrived and the flora and fauna has changed radically from a month or so ago.


Trees have taken on a “coat of many colours” and as I walked along the Huddersfield Canal in Slaithwaite last week on a greyish, dank October morning I was struck by the wonderful colours of the plants bordering the canal.


The water was perfectly still, not a breeze, and the reflections of the plants and tress in the water was both clear and beautiful. I spend many mornings walking this pathway on my way to the bakery (and the obligatory cappuccino and almond croissant) but I think this is my favourite time of the year.


It is not just the colours but the smell of damp leaves, plants and even the trees which often conjures up memories of my childhood and wandering through the “woods” near my home (those were the days when kids were allowed outside for hours at a time to play and enjoy themselves).


Yesterday I was in Chorlton (suburb of Manchester) visiting my daughter and opposite the house was a magnificent Horse Chestnut tree in full autumn bloom. I think more people should stand back from time to time and take the opportunity to appreciate the world we live in and the beautiful sites on our own doorsteps.

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