Nuisance phone calls, a fatal accident, bull elephants and how to have some fun…………….

I was sat at my desk at home yesterday afternoon when my mobile phone rang. A voice with a strong Indian accent asked me if I was Mr …………… which I replied yes.


He then said he was ringing on behalf of an insurance company as they had a record that I had had an accident in the last two years. Well what follows is a transcript the conversation (I kid you not):-

Caller: I understand you had a car accident within the last two years, is that correct?

Me: yes, roughly two years ago I had a major car accident in Lithuania

Caller: and were you injured in any way?

Me: yes I was severely killed and have been dead for the last two years

Caller: can you describe the circumstances of the accident?

Me: I was driving along a quiet road when a bull elephant ran out and trampled my car and unfortunately I was killed

Caller: so you were seriously injured in the accident

Me: yes, it was fatal

Caller: have you made a claim for compensation?

Me: no, it’s a bit difficult from where I am at the moment

Caller: so you have had a bad accident and you were seriously hurt

Me: yes and the really unfortunate thing is that I am now dead

It was at this point that I was struggling not to burst out laughing but the young man said he would have to talk to his manager about my case as it sounded a bit complex and rang off.

Suffice to say I have not heard back from them…………….

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3 Responses to Nuisance phone calls, a fatal accident, bull elephants and how to have some fun…………….

  1. And that is funny. I was in a national park in Kenya once a couple of weeks after a bull elephant chased down some folks in a VW van and put his tusk through their window. Since I was exploring the parks of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in a VW bug, I was very careful to not to irritate any elephants. We even drove around their dung to avoid high centering. 🙂 –Curt


  2. kindadukish says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Curt, glad you managed to make your excuses and leave the elephant to his domaine……….not to be trifled with.


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