“Last of Summer Wine” country…………Digley Reservoir


Digley reservoir lies just north of Holme (West Yorkshire) and nestles into the north-east flank of Black Hill, which looms above it. It’s a local beauty spot with good views down towards Holmefirth and is a nice place for a short gentle walk on the sort of day when you don’t fancy making the climb up onto Black Hill.


As it is a 15 minute drive from where I live and it was a lovely autumnal morning I decided to take myself off there and do the short walk around the reservoir.


The sky was clear and the reservoir was surrounded by trees still wearing their coats of leaves (remarkable given that tomorrow is the start of November) and providing the viewer with a kaleidoscope of colours.



The track is a bit up hill and down dale but it is worth the effort for the spectacular views across the valley. On the walk around the reservoir I came across ripe fresh blackberries still growing at the side of the track which is remarkable given that the first blackberries appeared in early August well ahead of the normal schedule.


It was 9.30am as I set out on the walk but still came across one or two other enthusiastic walkers who were making the most of this “indian summer”………temperature was up at 19c.


I recommend the walk to anyone who has an interest in, and an appreciation of, the countryside. It is physically undemanding so get out there and enjoy our wonderous countryside.

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