Nightmares of the 16 Types………if you are gullible enough to belive in the MBTI claptrap!


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8 Responses to Nightmares of the 16 Types………if you are gullible enough to belive in the MBTI claptrap!

  1. mikethepsych says:

    There was me thinking you were turning into a psychologist… let’s hope your nightmare doesn’t come true then …. compulsory MBTIs for everyone


  2. kindadukish says:

    But I believe………….if a psychologist tells me MBTI is a scientifically validated tool then of course I belive him (or her)…………………


  3. Biz Psycho says:

    YES another true believer!


  4. khendradm says:

    Yes, the MBTI is absolutely flawed. It tries to use a subjective, self-reporting questionnaire to determine type. Yet the 16 type system, in and of itself, is not flawed, and has neuroscientific basis.

    I tried pointing you in this direction before, but you never answered, so I don’t know if you ever researched this angle at all. Prior to that, you also mislabeled me as a psychologist, which I’m not. Psychology doesn’t use near enough neuroscience yet for my liking.

    Again, I point you to Nardi and Niednagel, who have found neuroscientific correlations between type, and continue to do so (they do not administer the flawed MBTI instrument to determine type). Here is Niednagel’s most recent article:

    Notice how he distances himself from MBTI, psychology, etc., but not the 16 type system itself.

    People can absolutely be meaningfully categorized. We are not all the same, despite what some overly idealistic people like to think. Some people even share as much as 90% of the same brain activity despite no family relation. This has been quantified through electroencephalography.


  5. kindadukish says:

    There is still no scientific evidence to validate MBTI, no self respecting Psychologist will speak on its behalf (try asking them) and it has become a ‘cult” amongst career coaches / counsellors. And I dont agree that people can be “meaningfully” categorised, perhaps in your world, but not in mine. People are extremely gullible, witness the belief in astrology and I consider that to have as much validity as MBTI.
    I remain a total disbeliever in MBTI.


    • khendradm says:

      As I have stated before, including here, I am not talking about the *MBTI*, but the *16 type system itself*, and the neuroscience that has been done on it, including studies showing that some people who are entirely unrelated show as much as 90% of the same brain activity.

      You keep misrepresenting and failing to understand even the most basic premise of my argument, refusing to read about and address Nardi’s or Niednagel’s neuroscientific approaches, and instead keep going on red herrings about the MBTI instrument, which I have stated several times I do not believe in.

      It seems this will not register with you, and you will continue with straw men without understanding my actual argument, so this will be my last post on the matter. Your confirmation bias and irrelevant arguments about the MBTI instead of the 16 type system itself show someone who is not willing to approach neuroscience and the 16 type system itself with any objectivity or depth. A sadly typical approach, both for believers of the MBTI who refuse to approach the system with neuroscience, or people who refuse every aspect of the 16 type system and think it’s somehow inextricably linked with the MBTI instrument, which it’s not.


  6. kindadukish says:

    Please note, the discussion is about validity of MBTI,nothing else. And given that you are neither a psychologist nor a neurosurgeon I cannot really take you seriously particularly your comment about 90% brain activity. Having the same amount of brain activity does not in any way mean that those people are thinking the same thing, feeling the same thing………it is a straw man argument. But do feel free to enjoy my future ramblings about MBTI because there are certain to be some.


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