Ed Milliband……….aka “Wallace” and the long walk to oblivion.

It would appear that the Labour party is stumbling from crisis to crisis over Ed Millibands leadership credentials. Members of his own party are plotting against him and rank and file Labour MPs are openly saying that he is leading them to certain defeat at the next general election in 2015.

Ed Miliband

They claim he lives in the “Westminster bubble” totally alienated from the ordinary working man and woman, has no real understanding of what they are facing and surrounds himself with a cadre of close friends and supporters.

So what would qualify this man to be the next Prime Minister of these fair isles? Well sence he left university his record shows that he spent roughly one year as a reporter after which he was taken inside the “Labour party politburo” as a speech writer before joining the “Prime Mentalist” Gordon Browns department that led the country into financial meltdown.

Ed Miliband Faces A Fight To Save Its Scottish MPs

So here we have a man who has never done a “real job” has no understanding of ordinary working people and has the charisma and communication skills of a limp lettuce. Whilst doing a bit of research about Milliband I came across this extract from a biography of him (I kid you not!):-

“This gifted-talented politician burst upon the world stage when his competitive personality, stature, commanding confidence, striking views, poise and commanding intelligence won him the Leader of the Labour Party with the support of 50.654% of the electoral college. He has graced numerous interviews and documentary films worldwide.” (Source: http://www.IMD.com)


I have no idea who wrote this or how much they were paid but is seems a gross distortion of the person we see before us on a daily basis on TV and hear on radio. He has been compared on numerous occasions to the cartoon character Wallace from the wonderful Nick Park cartoons about “Wallace and his faithful dog Gromit”

And this is the man the Labour party thinks can lead the country…………………!

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