Finlandia – The Hymn

I have been a fan of the music of Jean Sibelius since I went to my very first classical music concert back in the early 1960s and heard a performance of his second symphony by the Halle Orchestra.

Over the years I have heard several of his symphonies in the concert hall and also bought a boxed set of all seven symphonies and tone poems played by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra under Simon Rattle.

Of course the most famous piece that everyone knows by Sibelius is “Finlandia” which is the nine-minute tone poem and the unofficial national anthem of Finland (Suomi). I have listened to this numerous times but it is only relatively recently that I discovered there is a short choral hymn as part of the tone poem but which does not get sung in UK performances.

Doing a quick view of YouTube I discovered numerous performances of the “choral hymn” and I have selected a trio of very different performances. Each of them very moving but the one in the train station is my personal favourite…………..

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