Listening to jazz improves your golf!

Listening to jazz music while putting can boost your performance on the putting green, according to new university research.


While any kind of music improves performance compared to listening to no music at all, jazz is the most effective musical genre for improving putting, according to a study, which was recently published in the Journal of Athletic Enhancement.

41HyEtSDt1L._SS135_SL160_The 22 participants in the research were university Division I golfers, an average of 20 years old with at least eight years of golf experience. Each of them completed a series of six trials, which comprised attempting five putts at four pre-designated locations around a hole. In a randomized order, participants were required to listen to either no music or a musical genre that included classical, country, rock, jazz, and hip hop/rap while putting.


Clarkson University Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy & Physician Assistant Studies Ali Boolani says that music can enhance performance in other sports too. “Other research has shown that country music improves batting, rap music improves jump shots and running is improved by any up-temp music. But the benefit of music in fine motor control situations was relatively unknown. Hopefully, this is the first step in answering this question.”

418XNTP6gFL._AA160_Boolani conducted the study along with Assistant Professor Timothy Baghurst, Assistant Professor Tyler Tapps, and Regents Professor Bert H. Jacobson of Oklahoma State University, and student Richard Gill of Tennessee State University.

The paper indicates that future research will be needed with a larger sample to see if the findings can be replicated.

NB  The Ellington album is one of his finest and contains a heart rendering version of Lotus Blossom in memory of Billy Strayhorn who had just died. The Albert Ayler should be listened to in adult company because if you have never heard him before then prepare to have your senses assaulted.

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