The “Met” go wild in Vilnius……………..

View of Vilnius from the Castle

View of Vilnius from the Castle

As a lover of Lithuania, its people and its culture I often despair when I read the British newspapers and see stories of Lithuanians who have been convicted of a variety of criminal offences, everything from petty theft, brewing illegal “hooch” to serious cases of murder. It gives a distorted view of a wonderful country and an unwarranted reputation.

Well, it seems that we here in the UK are capable of shipping some of our miscreants in the other direction, given the report below. It is bad enough that they were British, but even worse they were police officers………….word fail me.

Seven police officers have been arrested while on holiday in Lithuania following a brawl. Scotland Yard said the Metropolitan Police officers were detained in Vilnius, the country’s capital, and are under investigation.

The Sun newspaper reported the men were in Lithuania for a stag party and the newspaper published pictures appearing to show them bloodied and stumbling as they were handcuffed and put in to police cars in the city, a popular tourist destination.

A Met spokesman said: “The Directorate of Professional Standards is aware seven police constables from Territorial Policing were arrested on Saturday November 22 whilst on leave in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Inquiries into what has taken place are ongoing but are at an early stage. The DPS will liaise with Lithuanian authorities.”

A Lithuanian prosecutor Marius Zupkauskas told The Sun: “I personally gave them bail after they paid 5,000 Lithuanian Lita which is about £1,000. “If we decide to charge them they will have to return to Lithuania for a trial.”

The Met spokesman said that the officers had not been suspended, but he added if the Lithuanian authorities charged the men “we will obviously evaluate that decision”.

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