A Precocious talent from Norway…………..Angelina Jordan

There is nothing more likely to make me cringe than some pig tailed poppet stood on stage warbling away whilst adoring parents stand at the side of the stage misty eyed at seeing their progeny performing.

How many times have we seen this scenario played out on such talent (and I use that word with tongue in cheek) shows as “X factor” or “Britain’s Got talent” and it has to be said virtually all are talentless.

I know that all parents have a “rose tinted view” of the talents of their children but how some of them can encourage their children to “perform” when it is plainly obvious that they lack one iota of talent is beyond me.

So last week when searching for something on YouTube one of the recommendations flashed up for me was a Billie Holiday type singer. I clicked on the recommendation and up popped this video of a “little poppet” being introduced and just about to sing. I was about to switch the video off when curiosity got the better of me.

I sat back and watched and after about a minute my jaw hit the floor. I simply couldn’t reconcile the voice that I was hearing with the 8-year-old girl I was looking at. You simply cannot teach someone to sing like this, in particular her phrasing is what you would expect from a seasoned jazz performer.

Watch this performance of “What a difference a day makes” (just go with the long introduction as it is worthwhile) and see if you find it as difficult as I did to reconcile that the voice you hear is coming from such a sweet little girl.

Apparently, she won the Norwegian Talents 2014, and it is easy to see why. Let us just hope they let her talent develop naturally and don’t try and turn her into a “commercial” success……………..success will come anyway!

Anyway I leave you to judge……………



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One Response to A Precocious talent from Norway…………..Angelina Jordan

  1. mikethepsych says:

    I agree and listen to her sing “Fly me to the moon in a TV studio” with just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment. http://youtu.be/rFWs2Z_RZ3Y


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