Will Gore, of the Independent Newspaper is a Coward…………………..


Will-GoreWill Gore is Deputy Managing Editor of The Independent, i, Independent on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. He was formerly Director of External & Public Affairs at the Press Complaints Commission.

He has also written the most pathetic “explanation” why the Independent newspaper feels that there are more appropriate ways of showing solidarity with the murdered French journalists than publishing the cartoons, the exact opposite of many European papers who have published them as a response to  the murderous muslims who committed this atrocity (see below):-
















The “best” that the Independent could come up with, and I use the word “best” advisedly is the following cartoon, note that there is no reference to islam or muhammed so as not to offend certain members of society, pathetic!:-


Will Gore is a COWARD, a sentiment being expressed by many on the “Indys” website in response to such a pathetic article, and as one poster said “time to grow some balls Mr Gore”

It should be added that no other British newspaper has had the courage to publish any of the cartoons as a defiant response to murdering Islamists, but then we have come to expect such cowardly behaviour from the press.

Just remember a few weeks back when British soldiers were cleared of mistreating prisoner, up to then the newspapers had a field day (but not as much as the mercenary solicitors representing the lying “prisoners”) and were happy to castigate the armed forces. My goodness they were courageous then in exposing the truth…………….bit lacking in   courage at the moment!

Add. Some interesting responses from cartoonists in support of the murdered journalists:-  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-30720822



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5 Responses to Will Gore, of the Independent Newspaper is a Coward…………………..

  1. Alan Dewar says:

    All uk press and the BBC are cowards for not publishing the cartoons. It’s appeasment Britain all over again!!


  2. Charlotte says:

    Why should someone reproduce cartoons that emphasise the divisions between religions and races and are horribly judgmental against and mocking towards so many individuals and belief systems. I condemn any act of terrorism and I’m very sorry for anyone who loses their lives in a terrorist attack, but that doesn’t mean I would have been interested in a publication as inflammatory as Charlie Hebdo or its horrible cartoons


    • kindadukish says:

      It is called freedom of speech madam which we in the west value extremely highly. You may not have been interested in reading Charlie Hebdo but it did have a readership that valued its irreverent approach to politics and religion. We have Private Eye in the UK but even thy didn’t have the “balls” to support their French colleagues and publish the cartoons. As a matter of interest Charlie Hebdo was equally scathing about various religious beliefs on occasions, as it should be, after all they are mocking mythical deities, created by man (and not women) and for which there is no evidence of the existence of any kind of “supreme being”………do Youtube Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins and you will be enlightened.


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