What is the worth of a western hostage?


According to the BBC newsite, Middle Eastern media reaction to the killing of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh by Islamic State (IS) has shown both anger and disgust.

Jordanian commentators call for national unity and revenge, but there are few clear ideas in the regional media on what to do next.

Iranian state television, while expressing horror at the manner of the pilot’s death, accuses Jordan and other Arab states of having helped create Islamic State in the first place.

The appalling murder of the Jordanian pilot simply exemplifies the attitude of IS to any who oppose Islam (or their version of it) and illustrates the depths they will go to, to advance their cause.

The other noticeable thing however, is that the catalogue of murders and beheadings of western hostages over the last several years did not generate anything like the outrage of this one killing in the middle east press and media.

I pose the question “why is that?”

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