Female Managers………….just as good (if not better) than men!


There are only three countries in the world where you are more likely to have a female than male boss, according to a new study by the International Labour Organisation: Jamaica, Colombia and Saint Lucia.

Britain comes in at number 41 out of 108 countries ranked according to their percentage of female managers, with 34.2 per cent.

The United States in number 15 on the list with 42.8 per cent while Algeria (4.9 per cent) and Pakistan (3.0 per cent) are at the bottom of the list.

Here are the 10 countries which have the highest percentage of female managers according to the International Labour Organisation:

1. Jamaica 59.3 per cent

2. Colombia 53.1 per cent

3. Saint Lucia 52.3 per cent

4. Philippines 47.6 per cent

5. Panama 47.4 per cent

6. Belarus 46.2 per cent

7. Latvia 45.7 per cent

8. Guatemala 44.8 per cent

9. Bahamas 44.4 per cent

10. Moldova 44.1 per cent

Personally I find the debate about female managers superfluous as from my early days of employment (back in the mid 1960s) I regularly worked for female managers and it never seemed incongruous that I should do so. Yes, they tend to manage in different ways than men but are no less successful and many would argue that female managers have enhanced “emotional intelligence” compared to most men.

What I also find interesting is that three of the countries on the list i.e. Belarus, Latvia and Moldova were part of the old “Eastern bloc” of countries under Soviet control and this may have something to do with it.

Unsurprisingly, it seems that Islamic countries like Algeria and Pakistan  come near the bottom of the list and this would seem to reflect the male “control” that is exerted over women in these countries.

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