Which parts of the words “equality” and “diversity” don’t you understand?


Last week, one faction of Goldsmiths student  union hosted a screening of the film Dear White People and advertised it as being ‘for BME students’.

For those not au fait with this lingo, BME stands for ‘black and minority ethnic’ – and the poster specifies that this screening is for students of ‘African, Caribbean, Arab, Asian and South American ethnic origin’.

The union’s welfare and diversity officer and education officer both reiterated this message on Facebook and Twitter, then stated that before the screening, there was a BME ONLY social happening at Cafe Natura.

And we have to remember that in the not too distant future the students promoting this kind of “racist activity” will be entering the world of work with such bigoted ideas. Can you imagine the outcry if an event had been advertised as for “whites only”.

I can remember several years when I worked for a short time at Bradford University, muslim students advertising a lecture but with a segregated audience i.e. the women were not allowed contact with any men. It struck me then “what part of the word equality do you not understand?”


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