Not another bloody Red Nose Day………..and “luvvie” fest!

I see from the incessant plugs on TV and radio that we are to be subjected to the ritual exhortations to give money to fund “good causes” in the UK and abroad, the latter seems primarily to be Africa.











Out of interest I went onto the official Red Nose website to try to find out what % of the money was spent in the UK and how much abroad. It is interesting to look at where the bulk of the money went and between 2009 – 2013 the top ten African countries supported were:-

  1. Uganda – 37 grants £29.7m
  2. South Africa – 24 grants £21.4m
  3. Kenya – 28 grants £17.6m
  4. Tanzania – 18 grants £14.2m
  5. Zambia – 15 grants £13.0m
  6. Ethiopia – 13 grants £10.4m
  7. Sierra Leone – 13 grants £8.0m
  8. Rwanda – 4 grants £5.5m
  9. Ghana – 11 grants £4.5m
  10. Zimbabwe – 6 grants £4.3m

I don’t know whether the “luvvies” who prance around on TV begging us for money have realised that we are still coming out of a massive economic depression, money is tight for almost everyone and more importantly all the money raised should (in my opinion) be spent in the UK.

I have always held the view that a countries first responsibility is to its own people, not sending money to countries where often the money is siphoned off by corrupt officials or goods sent are hijacked by local criminals and sold at vastly inflated prices on the black market.


Before you donate any money you might want to have a look at this website which identifies the 20 most corrupt countries in Africa

(source Transparency International) and see if any of these feature in the “reports” from celebrities swanning off abroad and then breaking down in tears………………

We have a NHS in crisis because of lack of funding, cancer treatments are often a lottery, research into heart disease is often dependent on the admirable work of the British Heart Foundation in raising funds and with an ageing population there is significant need for research into Alzheimer’s disease and supporting “carers.”

300px-NHS.svg Old people are living on minimum incomes, afraid to turn the heating on because of sky high bills, for which we can thank the thieving and heartless energy companies.

So, if we are going to have a Red Nose Day lets ask that ALL the money raised is spent on UK causes.

It is worth noting that despite the millions of pounds poured into various African countries over many years (who remembers Band Aid 1986?) very little seems to have changed. Zimbabwe was once known as “the breadbasket of Africa” so rich was it in natural resources. Now it has been brought to its knees because of the corrupt Mugabe regime, and it would seem that South Africa is going down the same path towards a virtual one party state.

See also blog:





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