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Fred Astaire “keeping the faith”………….Northern Soul legend

Is this where the famous “Northern Soul” dance moves originated…………..Fred Astaire “keeping the faith” or perhaps it was the amazing rapport between Fred and Ginger (below)

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He’s not obese……………just a little bit fat!

A third of parents studied underestimated their child’s BMI, leading to fears many parents do not understand the risks associated with being overweight. Parents with obese children may not be able to recognise that their child is overweight unless they are … Continue reading

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So farewell Captain Jean Luc Picard of the “starship” University of Huddersfield

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart has announced he is to step down as chancellor of the University of Huddersfield after serving more than 10 years in the role. The X-Men star is leaving the role due to “acting work commitments”, the university … Continue reading

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‘Frankly, everyone has A*s’ warns CBI Director General

The glut of top grades at GCSE and A-level is forcing employers to focus on young people’s extra-curricular activities, according to a business leader. John Cridland – director general of the Confederation of British Industry – said his members must consider … Continue reading

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Milliband and Balls (aka Wallace and Grommit)

Would you trust either of these ‘comedians” to run the country. One has never had a real job and the other played a key role in the last Labour governments strategy which reduced the country to its knees.

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Would you Adam and Eve it………… a conundrum!

                    So where did they come from?

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Amnesty International criticises conduct of Hamas in Gaza

  Amnesty International has published a damning report on Hamas’s conduct during last summer’s Gaza war, accusing it and other Palestinian armed groups of committing “war crimes” by firing rockets and mortars into Israel. The report, released today, is the … Continue reading

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