Malts at The Shakespeare Hotel, Vilnius.

The challenge of the "Malts"

The challenge of the “Malts”

This photograph is for a friend and colleague who is a little unwell at the moment……………just to remind him of all the excellent evenings we have spent in the Shakespeare Hotel in Vilnius…………….and many more evenings to come!

As they say in Lietuva, “sveikite”

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1 Response to Malts at The Shakespeare Hotel, Vilnius.

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Sveiki Terry

    I remember when we first started going 10 years ago when we stayed at what is now the Radisson Blue. We would walk into town for a meal and then hurry back along the river bank in the cold weather (often wind & snow) and get into the bar where we had a double scotch to thaw us out.

    Once we discovered the delights of the Shakespeare Radisson Blue couldn’t tempt us back. Shorter staggering distances from restaurant to bar (sometimes just a few yards). And not just the whiskey but the other local spirits too.

    Looking forward to tucking up into that leather sofa again!


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