Glorious morning and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park beckons……………………..

Up early this morning to be greeted by a beautiful day, frost still on the ground but all the indications that the temperature would rise.

The main visitors centre.

The main visitors centre.

So after a quick “where shall I go?” I decided that a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Part at West Bretton would be in order as I had not visited for a good few months (and I get withdrawal symptoms).

I arrived at 9.00am, which is an hour before the park officially opens but I just wandered in and no one on site seemed concerned. The only drawback was that I couldn’t get my usual fix of cappuccino before my trek around the lake because the coffee shop wasn’t open.

Solitary man.

Solitary man.

I set off down towards the lake, past the serial chairs and my favourite giant rabbit and stooped on the bridge to take in the view of the lake. At the moment it has been partly drained for some refurbishment work but there is still some water in the middle surrounding the heron islands.

As I made my way along the far side of the lake I encountered some rather fierce looking longhorn cows, or more to the point bulls, as I casually and quietly made my way past them.

View across the lake and "Heron Island.

View across the lake and “Heron Island.

Looking across the lake I could se that the herons were back for the breeding season and many of the nests were already occupied. I watched as they took off from the trees to swoop majestically upwards and then go into a steep dive before sweeping back onto a branch in the trees.

Mean looking "longhorn" cattle.

Mean looking “longhorn” cattle.

As I continued my walk I encountered squirrels, Canada geese, blue tits, a woodpecker, chaffinches as well as the usual array of waterfowl on the lake.

A breeding Heron.

A breeding Heron.

For anyone with children it is a wonderful opportunity to get them out and show them what nature is really about, it is OK to read about these things but there is no substitute for the real thing in its natural habitat.

Squirrel sits perfectly still.

Squirrel sits perfectly still.

As I reached the far end of the lake I saw a gentleman fishing and he appeared to be seriously concentrating on his duel with whatever fish were still in the lake. Unfortunately, the visibility was not that good looking back along the lake (but then again it was only 10.15am) so photographic opportunities were limited.

Fishing can be a demanding and stressful sport!

Fishing can be a demanding and stressful sport!

I ambled my way back to the visitors centre for a welcome coffee and Danish pastry (taxing work this!) before viewing the latest Henry Moore exhibition in the underground gallery. I have to confess that although I can appreciate the technique of Moore I find his sculptures a little anodyne. However, his lithographs on display are wonderful and I was unaware of this side of his talent.

From the latest Henry Moor exhibition.

From the latest Henry Moor exhibition.

So another wonderful visit to the YSP drew to a close with just one minor complaint. Why are we banned from taking photographs of the Henry Moore sculptures in the underground gallery when we can walk outside and take photographs of those on external display………….there is no logic to this?



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  1. mikethepsych says:

    Beautiful portfolio of photographs


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