Clapping hands makes feminists anxious !!!!!!!!


566202_1WOMEN attending a feminist conference were told to use jazz hands (?) rather than applause to express approval – because it “triggers anxiety”.

Organisers at the National Union of Students Women’s Conference made the request after some delegates reported feeling anxious during audience applause.

The NUS Women’s Campaign tweeted from its official account: “Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!” The original request was made by students from Oxford University.

Another delegate wrote online: “Can we not clap? Pretty anxious and its putting me on edge also distracting.” But clapping was not the only behaviour that caused problems for attendees at the Solihull event. One claimed that MURMURING was “making things inaccessible”, leading the NUS to issue an edict banning “chat” and “whooping”.

Twitter users reacted with hilarity, with one posting: “You should just ban any outward expression of approval.”

SE Students’ Union women’s officer Gee Linford-Grayson said: “Loud clapping and whooping can be intimidating and distracting when you’re speaking on stage.” An NUS spokesperson said: “The request was made by some delegates attending the conference. “We strive to make NUS events accessible and enjoyable for all, so each request is considered.”


And these are the women who will argue that they are tomorrows leaders of industry and commerce……………..I think some of them need to go and read a little about “resilience” what it is, and how it impacts on coping strategies for those in leadership roles. The above would suggest that if they are made anxious by a little applause it does not bode well for their future careers.

I am sure the women who worked in noisy factories, engineering works, bomb making factories and piloted aeroplanes (everything from small fighter planes to large bombers) to RAF bases during WW2 would not have been put off by the noise from a “little applause”……………………..

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