Lewis Hamilton………….spoiled, self centred, egotistical brat

lewis-hamiltonAfter being criticised by teammate Nico Rosberg for driving too slow, Lewis Hamilton’s win at the Chinese Grand Prix has been marred by another controversy.

The Formula One world champion has been slammed online and labelled “selfish” and “inconsiderate” after spraying champagne in the face of a hostess on the podium.

It’s the second time Hamilton, 30, has sprayed a grid girl with champagne – the first time after his win at the Spanish Grand Prix last year.

Photos from Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix show Hamilton spraying a clearly uncomfortable hostess in the face while laughing. F1 is rife with sexism and treating women as “objects” and this does nothing to dispel that feeling many have. It is also the behaviour of an immature child and one gets the feeling at times that Hamilton has never grown up or taken personal responsibility as he has so much money.

Perhaps this kind of behaviour explains the recent split with his long term pop star girlfriend.

Hamilton has claimed it was all part of the “high spirits” of winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix………well perhaps next time someone from his team should throw a bucket of cold water over him, all in high spirits of course, and see how he reacts.

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2 Responses to Lewis Hamilton………….spoiled, self centred, egotistical brat

  1. You Fucking Snowflake says:

    What a load of shit


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