Labour MPs and rank, stinking hypocrisy………..what was that about equality?

Labour are at the forefront of the fight for sexual equality – except when it might cost them votes. So here pictured in Hodge Hill on the 2 May 2015 are Tom Watson MP, Liam Byrne MP and Mr Jack Dromey MP as well as Siôn Simon MEP speaking in front of a segregated audience.

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The rank stinking hypocrisy of these Labour MPs / MEPs is breathtaking in its audacity and blatant “begging” of the islamic vote, it would be interesting to know what the muslims have been promised “behind closed doors.”.

I am staggered they let the woman onto the stage as we all know how Islam views women (sexual objects to be used and baby making machines).

It will be interesting to see what Ed Miliband and Margaret Hodge have to say about their MPs participating in such a disgraceful meeting when they constantly harp on about “equality and diversity”.

Original story was broken by Guido Fawkes.

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