Labour MPs, segregated audiences and rank hypocrisy…………Part 2

Here is Ed Miliband with him arms around Ansar Ali Khan and Mariam Khan, the two councillors who organised Labour’s sex segregated rally.


The Labour MPs who attended have been silent on why they agreed to appear at an event where men and women sat apart. Yet “Guido Fawkes” can reveal that at least two Labour MPs attended another sex segregated rally in 2014. Liam Byrne, who also went this year, and Shadow Treasury Minister Shabana Mahmood were the guests of honour on Sunday 18 May 2014 at an event organised by the same Labour councillors, using the same words: “Cllr Mariam Khan is organising a women’s section for the Jalsa”.


So Byrne will have known the event this year was sex segregated, and still agreed to speak. How many more sex segregated events have Labour MPs attended? No wonder they are keeping quiet…

Original article published

As a former life long Labour supporter I despair at the corruption, hypocrisy and pandering to minorities by the current Labour Party.

What has happened to the concept of equality for women? Why are Labour MPs attending meetings that are segregated on gender lines which is in direct contravention of the commitment to abolish discrimination on the basis of gender?

Islam has an appalling  record on the treatment of women (sanctioned rape within marriage, FGM, honour killings, forced marriage, stoning of adulterers, etc ) so why are these MPs attending a rally sponsored by a religion that supports these practices?

It couldn’t be a matter of self interest could it?

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