Rent a mob protest at election result………..and insult the memory of women in WW2


I see the usual “rent mob” crowd were out on the streets of London yesterday protesting about the election result and some bright spark decided to spray obscene graffiti on the “Women of World War 11” memorial.

It defies logic and highlights the intelligence (or lack of it) of those demonstrating that they chose to deface a memorial that many had fought for years to get erected in recognition of all those women who gave so much during the war years but went unrecognised for many years (my own mother worked in a bomb making factory for several years).

But for the likes of these women these protesters would not be enjoying the freedom and democracy that they seem unable appreciate. Try going to Moscow and spray painting one of the statues in memory of “The Great Patriotic War” and see what happens to you.

The only word I can think of to describe these “protesters” is cretin.

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