B.B.King………….one of the last of the great “Blues men”

One of the few remaining great blues men has died. The death of B.B.King was announced today and so that legacy of great blues men gets shorter and shorter.

Born in 1925 King has had a long and successful career performing concerts up until very recently. When asked why he continued to tour at such a mature age he simply replied “I need the money”

There are many videos on YouTube featuring King playing with his own band as well working with many of the white modern blues guitarists (Clapton, Keith Richard etc) but the video I have featured is a performance of “When love comes to town” playing alongside U2.

This track was featured on the Rattle and Hum album that U2 released and King has performed it live with them on several occasions, hence the video.

Sit back and watch a true great at work because not only was he a wonderful guitarist but had a great blues voice as well.

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