Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…………….part two!

A youthful "Crouching Tiger"............

A youthful “Crouching Tiger”…………

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was an American-Chinese-Hong Kong-Taiwanese co-production, the film was directed by Ang Lee and featured an international cast of Han actors, including Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and Chang Chen.

On a recent trip to Dunham Massey Park I stumbled across the shooting of the follow up to the original film which is to be released summer of 2015.

From the original film.

From the original film.

The star of the film (a very young boy) was shooting scenes where he was stalking a number of enemies who had turned themselves into “wild ducks.”

As you can see from the photograph the boy was adopting the classic pose of “crouching tiger” getting ready to pounce.

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