TESCO………….what happened to good customer service?

TESCO marketing.........

TESCO marketing………

I recently popped into the TESCO store in central Huddersfield to get a few items of food. On my way out I called in to the petrol station to fill up as their prices are very competitive and they operate a discount scheme based on what you spend in store (pat on back for this).

When I went to pay I stood at the cashier’s window whilst the young man serving continued to look down to the side of his cash machine. Initially, I thought there was something wrong with the machine then when he decided to look up at me I could see that in his left hand was a mobile phone and he had been texting instead of serving me, the customer.

I then told him in no uncertain terms that he was being paid to serve customers whilst at work and not spend time texting. This was greeted with a surly look and instructions to put my credit card into the machine.

There was no “good morning” or “sorry to have kept you waiting” just a look of disdain and one has to say disinterest. I would guess that his age was about 19 or 20.

I would suggest that TESCO looks at its recruitment processes and certainly its induction programme, because this young man had no understanding of “customer service”…………and the supermarket wonder why they are losing customers!

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2 Responses to TESCO………….what happened to good customer service?

  1. info4u2bu says:

    I think it’s a generational thing. The older staff are friendlier and always seem to have time to speak to you.


  2. kindadukish says:

    Sent them an e-mail with a link to my two blogs about Tesco and then got a phone call from them today thanking me for my feedback.


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