Annual “cheese rolling” contest……….a Great British wacky tradition!

It turns out some people will do anything to win some cheese – as competitors at the annual cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire proved this afternoon.

Crowds gathered for the event, which takes place on the late May bank holiday every year, to watch people chase a wheel of Double Gloucester (a very popular English cheese) down a hill.

Participants risked life and limb to catch the cheese – and as these action-packed pictures show – many ended up rolling head over heels and getting injured on the way.

The event was run officially from the 1880s until 2010, when health and safety fears led to it being cancelled. However, since 2010 it has been run unofficially every year.

1432556575-86d2c9fd2337794e188244d10eeb97cc-1366x2052Thank god that the “elf n’ safety” mob have been ignored and this wacky and wonderful traditional event continues albeit “unofficially.” Yes it is dangerous but extremely funny and continues the tradition that makes us British, and which no visitor to this fair isle will ever really understand.

And as I would say to all my Lithuanian friends, “you could never do this in Lithuania because you don’t have any hills!” (except the little one on which sits the castle in Vilnius……..and that could just be a possibility).

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