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Care homes pay staff well – but only at the top

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Staff in care homes are notoriously badly paid. Minimum wage usually (£6.50 an hour if you’re over 21). Mitie, one of Britain’s biggest care providers called Mi-HomeCare, employs 6,000 home care workers looking after 10,000…

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Coolest man on the planet…………and it’s not Kanye West

Is this not the coolest man on the planet, who else could get away with singing the iconic Drifters song “save the last dance for me”……………Kanye West take note, this is a real musical artist!

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Kanye West…………..utter rubbish at Glastonbury

The headline on the BBC website runs as follows:- Glastonbury: Kanye West delivers headline set………… Last night I watched about 20 minutes of his set and I can honestly say that it is by far the worst performance by a … Continue reading

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One third of graduates doing non-graduate jobs after graduation

One in three new graduates are doing jobs that do not require degrees such as working in call centres, waiting on tables and stacking shelves, statistics show. Thirty-two per cent – over 60,000 – were in ‘non-professional jobs’ in areas … Continue reading

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And still they demand to keep guns……………………….

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Disgraceful British teenagers steal artefacts from Auschwitz

Two British teenagers have spent the night in a Polish jail after being arrested at the former Auschwitz death camp on suspicion of stealing artefacts that belonged to former prisoners. The boys, both 17, attend the £15,000-a-year independent Perse school … Continue reading

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Kay Burley………do I detect a little misogyny and double standards here?

A petition calling for the sacking of Sky News journalist Kay Burley has gathered more than 53,000 signatures. The petition follows around 1,100 complaints submitted to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom over Burley’s confrontational interview with Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainment, the … Continue reading

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Who knew that the Norwegians had such a wicked sense of humour?

The Norway team, who face England in the second round of the Women’s World Cup in Ottawa tomorrow, have made a brilliant spoof documentary which mocks the stereotyping they continue to face. One struggles to explain the offside rule, another … Continue reading

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It’s not Roy Orbison………….but it almost could be!

As a lifelong fan of the late Roy Orbison I have always held the view that no one should attempt to sing his songs as his voice was unique and his delivery of a song without parallel. Recently I was … Continue reading

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Aussie teachers tell it as it is……………………

To all those who have ever worked in the education sector and have heard every conceivable excuse / complaint from both students and particularly parents about what the school or teachers are doing / not doing to support students I … Continue reading

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