Cheese, cheese and more cheese!

Lancashire Cheese

Lancashire Cheese

In a highly important piece of research to coincide with National Cheese Week, Branston (the pickle makers) have revealed Britain’s 10 favourite types of cheese!

Harrogate Blue

Harrogate Blue

According to the purveyors of pickle there is one clear winner; with 80 per cent of people citing old trusty Cheddar as their choice for top spot. On a more worrying note, the research also reveals that nearly one in 10 Britons admit to eating a whole block of cheese in one sitting.

Here are Britains 10 favourite cheeses:-

  1. Cheddar
  2. Mozzarella
  3. Red Leicester
  4. Brie
  5. Parmesan
  6. Stilton
  7. Wensleydale
  8. Feta
  9. Camembert
  10. Cream Cheese
Cornish Yarg (nettle cheese)

Cornish Yarg (nettle cheese)

Well, as a regular cheese eater here are my own top 10 of choice:-

  1. Tasty Lancashire
  2. Crumbly Lancashire
  3. Creamy lancashire
  4. Harrogate Blue
  5. Manchego (Spain)
  6. Shropshire Blue
  7. Cornish Yarg
  8. Džiugas (18 month matured) (Lithuania)
  9. Jarlsberg (Norway)
  10. Wensleydale
Dziugas (Lithuania)

Dziugas (Lithuania)

And of course it it vitally important to choose the correct red wine with your cheese, and one of my own personal favourites is Priorat from Spain. Full bodied (usually about 14 per cent alcohol), good tannin, wonderful dark red colour and will stand up to the strongest of cheeses.

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