Kanye West…………..utter rubbish at Glastonbury

The headline on the BBC website runs as follows:-

Glastonbury: Kanye West delivers headline set…………

Poncing about on stage.........

Poncing about on stage………

Last night I watched about 20 minutes of his set and I can honestly say that it is by far the worst performance by a headline act at Glastonbury in living memory.

A posturing ego maniac and self-proclaimed “greatest artist in the world” pranced about the bare stage shouting unadulterated drivel and merely conformed to what I have thought all along, that “rap” music is “the emperors new clothes.”

When you think of the disparate range of artists who gave graced the various stages at Glastonbury, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Tony Bennett, Leonard Cohen, The Stones, U2 etc and who connected with the crowds in both an emotional and musical way the likes of this “piss artist” pale into insignificance.

Comedian takes the piss!

Comedian takes the piss!

Moreover, the great black artists of both past and present Levi Stubbs, Otis Redding, Sam Cook, Smoky Robinson, Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin, Mary Wilson, Wilson Pickett would put West to shame in terms of music, feeling and communication with their audiences.

I see that a so-called comedian jumped on stage to try to sing along with West but was quickly bundled off, at least it increased the entertainment value.

I note also that the BBC are doing everything possible to “big up” the performance because they have invested so much money in broadcasting Glastonbury and cannot be seen to have a flop on their hands!

Let us hope Michael Eavis and his daughter learn from this catastrophe and book a proper “rock band” next year.

Post Script: From the Independent newspaper dated 29 June 2015  “Why Kanye West’s critics should accept his combative expression of blackness” – Tshepo Mokoena. You really couldn’t make up this statement if you tried. And as one reader put it in the comments column “so that will be like UKIP saying our critics should accept our combative expression of whiteness”…………...

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2 Responses to Kanye West…………..utter rubbish at Glastonbury

  1. mikethepsych says:

    And I wonder how many BBC staff are there this year. It’s just a free jolly for all the BBC hangers-on


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