Susanna Mälkki at the Proms (2015)

Conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Proms

Conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Proms

I switched on the radio this afternoon, which happened to be tuned into Radio3, the BBC classical music station, and there was a recording of a “Proms Concert” from earlier in the week. I had missed the first half of the concert but managed to catch all of the second half featuring a performance of Gustav Holsts “Planets Suite” performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and conducted by the Finnish conductor Susanna Mälkki.

The performance was one of controlled excitement (particularly in the Mars section), utter clarity and joyfulness under the baton of Ms Mälkki. Let us hope it is not too long before we see her again performing in the UK.

David Nice of “” did a very positive review of the concert and concluded by saying  “This is a Proms piece par excellence, with that spatial effect unique to the hall and selective blasts or pedals from the organ, but never has it sounded to me more like a total masterpiece than under Mälkki’s magnificent baton.”


It is also another small step for the growing band of extremely talented female orchestral conductors who are beginning to get invites from some of the world leading orchestras and in  Mälkkis case she was recently been appointed Chief Conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, effective from the 2016/17 season.

And lets face it, you have got to admire a woman when asked “what is your guilty pleasure in music?” responded by saying  “there are days when Led Zeppelin is the only right thing to listen to.”……………..she gets my vote any time!

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