ASDA Huddersfield……………crap service in the wine section!


This morning I visited the ASDA store in Huddersfield to pick up some wine as I find that they have some very decent wines (if you are selective) at very competitive prices.

As I wandered down the “wine aisle” I found many of the shelves half empty and many bottles turned around so that the label was not on display. This of course makes reading the bottle much more difficult unless you want to spend your time turning the bottles the right way around (which, I don’t).

Of course you get the occasional bottle like this, usually when a customer has simply plonked it back on the shelf, but to find whole rows of bottles turned around is quite unusual.

I trot off to the customer service section and report this to them and I am greeted with the response “they are doing a stock check and they haven’t finished” to which I replied “did it not occur to anyone to turn the bottles back around ski that customers could see what wine was on display?”


The young lady replied “ah well, the stock check is done by an external company and nothing to do with us”………..hmm, I thought, but is bloody inconveniencing your customers. It was obvious that she had no intention of taking any action but probably because she had received instructions from “upon high” not to do so.

Eventually, I go to the checkout and pay for my items. One large pack of butter shows up at £3.87 on the screen but on the aisle it said £3.00 so I pointed this out to the checkout operator. She suggested that I may have chosen the one not on offer but I pointed out that all the butter on that display was marked as £3.00. Fortuitously, the lady behind me had made the same purchase and confirmed that the price was indeed £3.00 and after consulting her supervisor the checkout operator put the item through at £3.00.

I stopped shopping at Sainsburys several years ago because this used to happen on a regular basis.

So, all in all, not a very good shopping experience at ASDA!!

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2 Responses to ASDA Huddersfield……………crap service in the wine section!

  1. info4u2bu says:

    ASDA is one supermarket I don’t use


  2. Mike Richardson says:

    Asda Huddersfield is a crap supermarket all the way round. The guy on the desk as you go in is the most uninviting staff member I have ever come across and will do anything so he does not have to serve me. Staff are getting orders out and park their trolleys end on in aisles so you cannot get past. Attitude towards customers is poor in the extreme.

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