Flora, fauna and little visitors (a walk at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park)

I am a regular visitor to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, usually with one of my SLR cameras slung over my shoulder (today it was the Pentax K50) ready to indulge in my hobby of photography.

Usually when I visit I like to photograph panoramic views of the park, the sculptures being exhibited and in particular “heron island” in tier middle of the lake.

But today was a little different in that as I walked down to the lake (catching a fleeting glimpse of a Kingfisher) I began to notice the abundance of insect life on the wild flowers and bushes. In particular the bees, wasps and some stunningly beautiful butterflies.

So I decided today would be a little different and that I would try and capture some of this insect life “on film.” Below are a selection from the 180 shots I took.


IMGP4359 IMGP4337 IMGP4291 IMGP4289 IMGP4324 IMGP4256 IMGP4351 IMGP4225

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