It’s all about standards………

This one is for you Mike!

This one is for you Mike!

I came across this recently and I thought I must get a couple of these, one for me and one for my friend and colleague Mike, as we seem to spend many hours complaining about the lack of customer service we experience on a regular basis.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a supermarket, airport, estate agents, call centre, doctors surgery etc we seem to have descended in to an age where providing excellent customer service seems to be a bygone ideal.

I can remember when every manager worth his/ her salt had copies of Tom Peters books, “In search of excellence” and “A passion for excellence” which argued that putting the customer first was the holy grail of business excellence. Managers went to seminars addressed by the charismatic Tom Peters, staff were “put through” training programmes all of this with the aim of becoming more effective businesses by adopting the Peters mantra of “customer focus.”

What makes me even angrier today is that numerous organisations have mission statements / statement of corporate values which will inevitable include the “importance” of the customer and that the organisation is “committed” to delivering excellent service.

I have been into many organisations / service providers where not a smile will pass the staffs lips, there is no greeting such as “good morning / afternoon” and there is a contemptuous ignoring of you as a customer or possibly worse still they follow you round and pounce on you immediately (retail outlets being the main culprit). They seem incapable of a simple “good morning, may I help you or can I leave you to have a browse around for a little while and I will pop back in about 10 minutes”

I don’t know whether the issue about “lack of customer care” is one about contemporary culture, pig ignorance, lack of training or people just do not care today!

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