Kirklees Council Refuse Collection Department………..a pat on the back!

The back road the refuse van had to negotiate

The back road the refuse van had to negotiate

Here is Huddersfield we have out food waste bins collected every two weeks by the local authority refuse collection department (or bin men as we called them in the old days).

For the last several days the small cobbled street which on which my house resides has been blocked because of repairs being done to the drains (all Victorian in age and not in good condition), so there is access from both ends of the street but no “through road” which has caused considerable inconvenience to residents of the street.

As I put the bin out yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that the large refuse wagon would not be able to get along the street to collect the rubbish. This caused me a little concern as we have been having hot weather and food left in bins for any length of time is not a good recipe.

As I was leaving in the car a little later I saw the refuse collection van entering the street I live on and thought to myself, I doubt if they will be able to collect the bins.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home later in the day to find the refuse bin empty!

So all credit to the refuse collection team who somehow managed to get along the street and collect all the refuse. A good bit of problem solving and personal initiative resulted in us residents not having to contend with overfull bins of food in very hot weather.

I phoned the refuse department to thank them for an excellent job.

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