Oxfam chuggers in Glossop……………menace to society

Moral blackmail.........

Moral blackmail………

Yesterday I was in the small town of Glossop in Derbyshire and had just walked out of Costa Coffee with my large cup of cappuccino in my hand. As I walked down the main street heading back to my car I was accosted by one of Oxfam’s street chuggers.

A young woman with that fixed smile on her face (that all chuggers have) approached me and in that over familiar way said something along the lines “oh, you have brought me a coffee”

As I didn’t reply she then asked me what my name was and I responded that I wasn’t in the habit of giving my name to anyone in the street, particularly if I didn’t know them.

She was then obviously going to launch into her “pitch” about the need for funding to support Oxfam projects when I said to her “does Oxfam support any aid projects abroad, particularly Africa and other eastern countries?”

She then said yes and mentioned a project providing water supplies in an African country. My response was to say that I would not contribute to any charity that was spending money abroad when we have such needs in the UK. I pointed out that people were dying of cancer because of lack of research funding, MacMillan Nurses depended on charity, old people were dying because of insufficient income and inability to heat their homes, research into heart disease was dependent on charity yet the UK public were being asked to support “foreign” aid. I stressed that before we start shipping money abroad we should put our own house in order and that the first responsibility was to UK subjects who were in need.

Her face suddenly changed when she realised that the “moral blackmail” approach would not work with me and she said “I don’t want to talk to you anymore about this” and walked of in a strop.

It was obvious that her political agenda was very different from mine and that she was not used to being assertively challenged about the work of Oxfam (Oxfam CEO salary approximately £120,000), hence the attitude and behaviour she displayed.

For anyone who thinks I was being difficult and / or hard hearted just Google “most corrupt countries in the world” and see which countries come up AND how many of them receive aid packages from western countries.

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2 Responses to Oxfam chuggers in Glossop……………menace to society

  1. Adam says:

    I don’t think you’re being hardhearted or difficult. I think you’re being the sort of arrogant, pompous moron that other people laugh at behind your back.


    • kindadukish says:

      You may well be right in your comment but at least I have the integrity of not being “blackmailed” into giving money that is usually wasted by corrupt regimes. If all the money collected was spent in the UK as I indicated I would be happy to give, but not to foreign countries that waste the money. Once again do try Googling the most corrupt regimes. And one other point, why is it that the western countries are imperialist aggressors when things are going well but as soon as there is a national catastrophe in one of these “foreign” countries, out come the begging bowls pointed westwards?


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