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Corbyn, and how not to win friends and influence people (particularly the Baltic States)

Lithuania’s Ambassador in London Asta Skaisgirytė has written an open letter to Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn over his negative stance on NATO enlargement, emphasizing that it is only the Western Alliance that can guarantee security of the Baltic … Continue reading

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With age comes wisdom…………sort of!

AS I AGE, I REALISE THAT: 1. I talk to myself, because sometimes I need expert advice. 2. Sometimes I roll my eyes out loud. 3. I don’t need anger management. I need people to stop pissing me off. 4. My … Continue reading

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Burnley, Macmillan Nurses and “Two Shades of Grey”………………..

So it was off to deepest, darkest Lancashire this morning heading for the illustrious (?) town of Burnley (or West Islamabad as it is known to the locals) for a performance by my friend and colleague who forms one half … Continue reading

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Keith Jarret, eccentric, weird, obdurate, demanding……….but none the less a genius!

I first came across Keith Jarret back in the late 1960s when he was a member of the Miles Davis house band, but at the time it was difficult to assess his real talent when it was submerged within the … Continue reading

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Cambridge University reinstates “entrance examination”

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY is planning to introduce a universal entrance exam for the first time in a generation because the glut of top-grade A-levels is making it hard to identify the brightest. The ancient institution is considering reinstituting a university-wide test that … Continue reading

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Bond “takes out” Corbyn……………………..(if only!)

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I can’t come out to play……… husband won’t let me!

News broke that Ardalan, nicknamed Lady Goal, would not be traveling to Malaysia for the Asian Cup, which begins today. Ms Ardalan’s husband reportedly wanted her to be home for their son’s first day of school. Niloufar Ardalan’s partner, the sports … Continue reading

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Islamic conference in France considers “whether wives should be beaten or not”.

The two Femen feminist protest group members jumped up on the stage wearing just jeans as they bared their breasts with slogans written in black across their chests and stomachs. Aged 25 and 31, they both ripped off Arab-style cloaks, then … Continue reading

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“Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”…………poppy display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In 2014 approximately 4 million people visited an Installation at the Tower of London to mark the centenary of the start of World War 1. “Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red” by ceramic artist Paul Cummins was the must … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Society – Kirklees Memory Walk (12 September 2015)

On a very wet and grey day I went along the Greenhead Park today to support the Memory Walk and to take some photographs of some of those giving of their time to complete the sponsored walk. A member of … Continue reading

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