Burnley, Macmillan Nurses and “Two Shades of Grey”………………..

So it was off to deepest, darkest Lancashire this morning heading for the illustrious (?) town of Burnley (or West Islamabad as it is known to the locals) for a performance by my friend and colleague who forms one half of the group “Two Shades of Grey.” (www.2shadesofgrey.net).

The gig was being held at the “notorious” venue of Costa Coffee within the confines of the giant Tesco store in the town centre and was in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity (something I know is very dear to my friend).

The concert was in full flow when I arrived to an audience made up of both old and young, many of whom appeared to be regulars, as they all seemed to know each other.

During the three sessions they did a variety of numbers by such artists as Bobby Vee, Ray Charles, Joan Baez, The Drifters and a host of other leading artists mainly known to us of a “certain age.” They also feature songs from the great “American songbook” which balances out the programme very well.

The duo was joined on stage for several numbers by guest vocalist Caroline Taylor (who also had her own solo spot) and ended the gig with a quite lovely version of the Joan Baez classic, “There But for Fortune.”

In addition to the music there were raffles to raise funds and a table selling wonderful flapjack, so good in fact I ate two portions…………but purely in the name of a charitable cause!

I do find it extremely annoying when I read of foreign aid being sent to corrupt overseas regimes and even worse I read today that George Osborne has given £3million to China for “soccer aid” (this is China with one of the fastest growing economies in the world) when a service like Macmillan has to go cap in hand to the public to beg for adequate funding……………I now take a deep breath to allow the steam to exit from my ears!

Anyway, to finish on a positive note I really enjoyed the gig by “Two Shades of Grey” and their guest vocalist and hopefully they will have raised some funding for Macmillan nurses.

Here is a selection of photographs I took at the gig:

Two Shades of Grey plus One

Two Shades of Grey plus One

Mike doing his Pete Townsend impression

Mike doing his Pete Townsend impression

Barry in full voice............

Barry in full voice…………

In the hands of a "maestro".....

In the hands of a “maestro”…..

Why we are here

Why we are here

A more than attentive fan..........

A more than attentive fan……….

Play that funky music white boys...................

Play that funky music white boys……………….

The "band"

The “band”

The band mobbed by "groupies"

The band mobbed by “groupies”

Matching guitar and socks

Matching guitar and socks

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2 Responses to Burnley, Macmillan Nurses and “Two Shades of Grey”………………..

  1. info4u2bu says:

    Thank you. Very much appreciated. As you say charity should begin at home and although cancer research is well supported, compared to say dementia, there’s never enough with 50% of us destined to be “living with cancer” at some stage of our lives.


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