Sant Andreu Jazz Band featuring Eva Fernadez and Andrea Motis (with a little help from Sidney Bechet)

As a great admirer of Sidney Bechet the great American clarinet and soprano sax jazz musician I decided to do a little Youtubing the other day to see what gems there were about this legendary musician. Unremarkably the first one thrown up was of one of his most famous recordings “Petite Fleur” which he recorded many times.

But in the recommendations at the side was a version of this song by the Sant Andreu Jazz Band who I confess I had never heard of. So a little research and I discovered that the band is a youth jazz band (founded in 2006) from Barcelona featuring 7 – 20 year old children and teenagers and led by Joan Chamorro.

2010 was a breakthrough year for the band, with appearances on more than 20 festivals including Valls, Terrassa, Girona, Barcelona, Platja d’Aro, and legendary venues like el Jamboree playing alongside international jazz musicians.

The two young ladies featured in this video are Eva Fernandez and the precocious Andrea Motis who has since gone on to establish herself on the international jazz scene.

In this era when young people come in for a lot of criticism it is a pleasure to feature two highly gifted young musicians playing with such feeling and musical ability…………sit back and enjoy.

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