George the Gorilla……… new best friend from Russia!

Good afternoon, I am George

Good afternoon, I am George

Whilst driving through Paddock, which is a suburb of Huddersfield, I came across a rather large gorilla stood outside O’Briens removal and house clearance shop.

If I say it's Friday, it's Friday....................

If I say it’s Friday, it’s Friday………………..

He stood there on guard with a “don’t mess with me” look on his face. Intrigued, I parked the car and went to haver a word with his “owner” who was only too happy to tell me about his troubled background.

Apparently he is called George and comes from Russia where he was the main subject in a research project by Prof. Ivan Wackadoodle at the University of Kamchatka in Eastern Russia. The aim of the project was to see how well verbal communication skills could be developed in gorillas.

After about three years of involvement George decided he had had enough and made a bid for freedom, and apparently the last words he was heard to utter were “I will never trust a bloody psychologist again” after which, he disappeared.

He made his way across Russia living rough and eventually turned up in Vilnius, Lithuania where he managed to get on board a large lorry that was destined for somewhere in Western Europe. After hiding away for a few days he managed to escape from the lorry and found himself outside the service station on the M62 in West Yorkshire.

Welcome to the shop........

Welcome to the shop……..

Here he met Mr O’ Brien who listened to his story and then with typical Yorkshire hospitality offered to put him up for a few days and feed him, and gave him the name of George.

That was several months ago, and since then George has stood guard outside the shop proving very popular with the locals and particularly the children from a local school who come to have their photograph taken with him.

Such is his fame now that he gets invited to weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and lots of other local functions.

“Little George” is at the bottle again………..

George has a friend whose name I think is “little George” but he had been banished to the inside of the shop because of his “drinking activities” but I was assured he is excellent company when he is “off the bottle.”

So, if you are visiting Huddersfield then take a detour to meet George at:

O’Briens Furniture, 133 Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield HD 4UJ…I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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