The Psychologists have won……………I have seen the light!

Published 1949

Published 1949

After many years of fighting a rear guard action against the ever-increasing influence of psychology in modern society (or “woo woo” to us non believers) I think I have finally capitulated and “moved to the dark side.”

This morning I was wandering around the local market (Tuesday is junk day where you can buy anything from a venus fly trap to a live elephant and taking in every conceivable engineering tool you can think of) when I came across a stall selling battered old books, so I decided to have a rummage through them.

What should I come across but a hardback entitled “Psychology, The Study of Man’s Mind” published by The New Educational Library and with contributions from academics such as James Drever, Agatha H Bowley and R.G. Gordon amongst others. At immense personal cost and protracted negotiations with the seller I handed over my 50 pence and took possession of the tome.

The first chapter should be enlightening reading as it is entitled “What is Psychology?” and this is something I have debated with my friend and colleague Mike, who is a psychologist and insists that psychology is a science………… it is fair to say that I have some reservations on this definition.

The interesting thing about this book is that it was published in 1949, so it will be interesting to read “what has changed” in the world of psychology between then and 2015.

So I finally succumb to the world of psychology, embracing it wholeheartedly and I can say with total conviction to my friends and colleagues Mike, Renata and Antanas, “I am now one of you, I am a believer”

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3 Responses to The Psychologists have won……………I have seen the light!

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Glad you’ve felt able to come out after all those years in denial. There is a big support group out there for you should you ever begin to have doubts again.


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