Industrial activity on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal

We have had a very mild and settled period of weather this autumn here in West Yorkshire. The result is that many of the trees still have most of their leaves on and we are now able to experience the wonderful autumn colours that almost assault the visual senses.


This morning (camera in hand) I decided to take a little walk along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal starting in Wellhouse (a tiny hamlet between Golcar and Slaithwaite). As I parked up my car I could see a lot of “activity” alongside the canal so set out to investigate.

I bumped into a couple of people out for their morning walks and we got into a three-way conversation about the “goings on” along the canal. Both seemed to be of the view that the canal had been closed to traffic temporarily so that the canal could be dredged.


As I stood on the bridge I could clearly see a large digger plunging a grab into the water and extracting considerable amounts of “mud” which he then deposited into a waiting barge. This, when full set off along the canal to deposit the mud (I know not where) returning after about 10 minutes empty and ready for another load.

Still it is good that the canal is being well-managed as it is a vital part of our industrial heritage and should be lovingly maintained.

The industrial activity did not detract from the beautiful colours of the trees and grasses alongside the canal.


So if you are in the area, park up at the bottom of Wellhouse village and walk along the canal to Slaithwaite where you can indulge yourself in excellent coffee and even better cakes at the Handmade Bakery (closed Mondays). You will feel no guilt at eating the cakes as the exercise of walking to and from Slaithwaite will ensure that you are still lean, mean and healthy.

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